Examining the Slavery of the Two Party System

There’s no question that the American electorate is suffering right now because there is only a two-party system. What many people don’t realize is that this was never the intention of the original Constitution. There weren’t even really political parties in the beginning, and there haven’t always just been two. While there are technically dozens of political parties, the Democrats and Republicans have such a tight grip that no one makes serious inroads outside of these parties.

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If one needs any more evidence that the two party system looks at the previous independent parties that had massive power for a year or years, but now don’t exist or mine as well not exist: the Reform Party, Whig Party, Dixiecrat Party, the Bull Moose Party. Many of these parties had candidates who won states in Presidential elections yet don’t exist or mine as well not. Other groups, like the Socialist Party, which once had a strong following, was absorbed by Democrats during FDR’s time in office as the Democrats went further left.

The problem with a two party system is how easy it is to control. There is no plurality of voices; there is no congressional representation for the 19% of people who voted for Ross Perot. They receive nothing at all. Green Party and Libertarian voters receive no representation at all despite consistently having large followings.

The same donors control both parties through financial contributions and even worse, refusing to let other individuals participate on the same level creates a situation where an aloof party allegiance is more important than representing the people they’re supposed to be representing the state. How can a Congress with a 10% approval rate still have members win 80-85% re-election? Because of gerry-rigging and a two party system that truly takes away from choice.